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Written and Performed by Dina Morrone
WINNER Best One Person Show, Valley Theatre Awards

“One of the truly funniest nights I’ve spent in the theater.” Mel Brooks

“One of the TOP Ten Actresses.” -

I highly recommend ‘The Italian in Me.’ Dina Morrone is a gift from above, a brilliant comic talent with echos of Lucille Ball and Gina Lollobrigida with a touch of Tracey Ullman. I absolutely loved ‘The Italian in Me.’ Bravo!”

NOHO Arts Magazine (Highly Recommend)

“Dina is spectacularly funny, original and wonderfully entertaining. Don’t miss her. You’ll
have a great time. It’s the best one woman show I have seen in Los Angeles in the last forty

years.” - Doris Roberts, Stage, Film & TV Actress

“Not since ‘Moonstruck’ have I seen such Italian wit, humor, and charm. Fabuloso!”

- Norman Jewison


“Congratulations on the writing, it was smart, clever, unique and very, very funny.  Your performance was truly
magnetic.  You never lost the audience for a moment.  The pace of the show was as good as it gets.  A well deserved standing ovation.  I was particularly moved by the Fellini sequence.

- Frank Mancuso (Past CEO Paramount Pictures and MGM

“This show is worthy of seeing more than once.”
“The immense talent of Dina Morrone makes us wanting more.”

- Metro LA (Recommended)

“Her profound scene with Federico Fellini is written and rendered to perfection.”

- Backstage West

“The Italian In Me is a spicy and colorful one-woman show starring & written by the talented, dynamic & feisty Italian-Canadian actress Dina Morrone.” - SceneAroundTown

“... a compelling, comic, sad, poignant, and riveting exposition...” “While she undoubtedly is a great actress, excellent singer, and entertainer, the greatest asset is the ability to tell a story.” - (Pick of the Week)

“Outside of me, I think Dina is the funniest thing on stage.” Mel Brooks

“It abounds with wit and humor, and Dina’s characterizations are superb.”

- Entertainment Today

“Morrone is a skillful, attractive comedian...”- L.A. Weekly

“Cleverly self written and passionately performed...she had the audience in the palm of her

hand right from the start”
“I loved every spirited moment of this one!”

“Fresh, Feisty, funny, and fabulous, you really should catch this Roman Romp and adorable

woman who lived it!” - The Tolucan Times (Recommend)

“Dina Morrone engages the audience; she’s likeable and fun... pays sharp attention to

detail... Morrone has formidable acting and vocal skills...”

- EyeSpyLA (Recommended)

“The Italian In Me is a spicy and colorful one-woman show starring & written by thetalented, dynamic & feisty Italian-Canadian actress Dina Morrone.” - SceneAroundTown

Mike and I thought 'The Italian In Me" was one of the best solo shows we have ever
seen. We had no idea Dina was such a fabulous actress and writer. We hope she will

take this show to New York! - Corky Hale & Mike Stoller


“Everything about the piece was a joy!” - Splash Magazine Worldwide


“The Italian/Canadian actress and playwright had the entire audience enthralled and

laughing with gusto.”  “...Dina Morrone can effectively light up any audience with her theatricality bore out of
savoir-faire and intelligence as well as her enviable command of the English languages.”

- The L’Italo-Americano Newspaper


“Morrone is attractive, convincing and captivating in each character and has a real feel for

dialogue and comedy as anyone with an Italian background will attest.”

- Beverly Hills Courier

"Dina Morrone's extraordinary performance in "The Italian In Me", brought such honest reality to each character, particularly Federico Fellini, that took the audience on a fascinating journey and you never wanted it to end. It was truly an acting lesson for any actor." - Jack Betts – Actor

“BELLISSIMA! BRAVISSIMA! Dina is definitely one of the most talented writers and

actresses in years. A show not to be missed by theatre lovers.”
- Diego Brasioli, Italian Consul General of Italy, in Los Angeles

“Dina does an amazing job playing the men and women she encounters and she is absolutely
hilarious at times. She’s also a lot of fun to watch being all blonde and leggy.”

- Lisa May, KROQ’S Kevin & Bean Morning Show

“She is by far the best single performer on my stage since Nia Vardalos opened

‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ here.”

- Thad Taylor, owner of Globe Playhouse where show first premiered.

“Honest. Funny. Charming. The show made me want to touch my balls.”

- Bruce McDonald, Film Director

“Her Fellini encounter and adventures as a TV game hostess were priceless. Brava!”

- Gabriella Martinelli, Producer, Capri Films

“Absolutely fabulous, hilarious and heartwarming tour-de-force!!!”

- Janice Reid Johnston, Ontario Film Commission

“The Italian in Me” by Dina Morrone is a wonderfully written play and has to be one of my absolute favorite

one-woman shows.”

- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros NoHoArts (Highly Recommend)

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