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A collection of stories that span a wide range of the LGBTQIA experience.

Friday June 23 and Saturday June 24 at 8pm

This year's PROUD OUT LOUD at Theatre West will offer readings of short plays and monologues, mostly developed by playwrights in our Writers Workshop. The stories span a wide range of the LGBTQIA experience and range in form from traditional plays to personal stand-up routines and musings on the community's history.

Written by:
Benjamin Scuglia ● Dina Morrone ● Mimi Kmet ● Mara Wells ● Garry Kluger ● Michael Van Duzer
Produced & Directed by Rick Simone-Friedland and Michael Van Duzer
Mimi Kmet ● Mara Wells ● Olivia Bates ● Paul Cady ● Benjamin Scuglia ● Sandra Tucker ● Rick Simone
Michael Van Duzer ● Anne Leyden ● Leesa Freed ● Ashley Taylor ● Dina Morrone

Thank you to all who came out to see the MOOSE!

Part of Theater West New Works Play Reading Series

Never before read or presented: 

Thank you to all who came out to see The Italian In Me
Stay tuned for upcoming show dates!
Read the latest review from the show here!
New Show Dates!
The Italian In Me 
Stay tuned for upcoming show dates.
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SOLOpalooza 2.022

Produced by Dina Morrone

10 FABULOUS Solo Shows from 10 EXTRAORDINARY Artists!

For tickets and info: 

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