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A Collection of Short Stories

Written by Dina Morrone A short story. A monologue. A confession. A thought transposed into words. Thoughts and words that lain dormant for years while others picked away at my psyche asking desperately to be told; women who wanted so desperately to be heard; experiences that felt the need to be shared; opinions that rang loudly because they could no longer be silent. And so the many voices spoke.

Here are some titles of my Short Stories. Please feel free to click on the highlighted story titles to read excerpts.

Bella Italia (Bella Roma)
One Hour with Fellini
Arrivederci and Ciao
Return to Venice
Bonding Gone Bad
Show Me the Exit
Man with a Collar
Oh Sleepless Night
While I was dancing in a Gay Disco
The Invisible Lady
My Uterus
How Did They Make You?
Pulp and Paper
C. U. N. T.
My One Day
Miss Anything
Take a Ride, Take the Bus
Her Soul
Mr. Welles
Things I Never Did With Mother
The Rail
Mustard Christmas
Baby Blue Sword
Latin Lover or Latin Leftovers?
I don’t like what I’m hearing
In The Basement
Dark Wedding Day
Let Me Cheer
The Sand Bag; Metaphor for an Aging Hollywood Actress

Complete works registered at WGA, Copyright Library of Congress, All Rights Reserved® 2002

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