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You want to make people laugh? Bring together elements that don't belong together and give them a situation that doesn't fit and you got a winner.

Not Just Another Day in Way up Bay.

Way Up Bay, a remote little town in Ontario, Canada, is the setting for the wonderfully funny and entertaining World Premiere of the new comedy, MOOSE ON THE LOOSE, at Theatre West.


Moose on the Loose at Theatre West is a comedy spinning on the questions of who are we, where are we, and where are we going.

Morrone wrote and performed in the play along with some excellent actors, many of which you've seen on television and in films. I love L.A.!

Peter Flood directs this wonderful comedy. His cast is absolutely ingenious; their characters hilarious, their timing so precise.

Thunder Bay to LA: Dina Morrone's Moose Play ... shines with wit, verve, and good-natured double entendres, concerning beaver and bush, that makes for a very satisfying comedy.
Moose On the Loose, an uproarious, wildly entertaining play worthy of its recently successful run at Theatre West,...

(Review - Walleye Magazine - Krista Power)

The Canadian premier of Moose on the Loose by Dina Morrone opened to a patriotic crowd on Friday, April 10 at Magnus Theatre. As the Canadian national anthem began and the lights went dim, all of the patrons around me stood and some began to sing along with the familiar and comforting words. When it came to an end, a moose entered…yes, a moose.- Read more
It was a packed house at Thunder Bay’s Magnus Theatre. The audience had turned up to see “Moose on the Loose” written by former Thunder Bay resident Dina Morrone. - Read more

(Review - Bert Rowson @

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